Netball Zone

During term 2 the grade 6 interschool sport netball team played hard and fun games of netball. We had been playing very well and ended up getting to zone. We were playing against Fitzroy North. We all tried our hardest during the game but in the end the scores were 22 to 12 in North Fitzroy’s favour. We all had fun and enjoyed ourselves. We all would like to thank Mrs E for coaching us.

Earn & Learn

This term the whole grade 5/6’s are creating a community. It is called Earn and Learn. We have decided to call our community Epic Heights. It is a learning program where students own businesses and buy products from other businesses.

We are living in a classroom where we are pretending to live like we are living in the real world. We have a Prime Minister and we have houses that we have to pay a mortgage for. We also have to pay all different expenses. One of the steps to creating a community was choosing our leader. Eight people wrote and read a speech to all of us, trying to convince us that they would make a great leader. We all voted, by putting who we thought should be our leader on a piece of paper. After we voted the teachers tallied the votes and announced that Hamz is our new leader for our community.

We are all learning about how businesses work and how to pay and figure out our weekly expenses. Earn and Learn will be really interesting this year. We can’t wait until everything is flowing like the real world does.

Great Minds

This term the 5/6s will be moving into the new building alongside the preps and student helpers. The 5/6's decided to give each room a name after a famous thinker. It was the students responsibly to study a great thinker and show the rest of the 5/6's why one of the rooms should named after them. The groups studied their person, then everyone shared their work with the 5/6's. We had 19 people to choose out of.

We decided the rooms will be named after..............................

  • Alexander Graeme Bell

  • Leonardo Davinci

  • Thomas Edison

  • Benjamin Franklin

  • Albert Einstein

  • Galileo


This year the whole grade 56’s went to camp at Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement. I got up at 5:30AM on Tuesday morning, to get to Southern Cross station to catch the Vline train by 7:15. It took 4 hours to get there.

When we arrived all the fun activities began. One of the fun activities was when we went to the Pioneer Settlement. We made peg dolls, we did olden day washing, we went on a learning treasure hunt and we did many more fun activities. Pioneer Settlement is all about the 1850’s-1900’s.

We had to do things like the people did in the olden days. It was really interesting finding out about how hard there life was compared to what our life is like now. Another funny activity was when we got dressed up and took our photo as though we were from the 1850’s. It was funny to see the difference in just little things like clothing, from the 1850’s to now- things have changed vastly . On Thursday night, some of us went to see the light and sound show. It was all about the different people who had different lives during the gold rush times. Some had barber shops, some owned lolly stores. They all had different stories to tell. There was a bit about the Aboriginals, how they owned the land first and they survived back then.

Camp was really fun and for the grade 6’s it was definitely a camp to remember before they go off to high school. Everyone had a really fun time and thank you to the teachers for organising such a fun camp.

Jump Rope for heart

This week we had a lady come out from the Heart Foundation. She talked to us about keeping our heart healthy. She also showed us some skipping tricks. One of the ways to keep our heart healthy is to exercise, she decided to show us skipping. We are going to raise money for the heart foundation by skipping. The grade 5/6s get to make up routines to demonstrate to the rest of the school, and we get to learn new tricks! It is really fun and we hope to raise heaps of money.

Anzac Day

For the last few weeks our class has been working on Anzac Day. We have watched a 3D video about the Anzacs landing in Gallipoli and we now have lots of background knowledge on this subject. We understand now why we commemorate Anzac day.

Heathy Eating

The last few weeks we have been doing some work based on our kids bodz session. A man came out and talked to us about what we should be eating and how much exercise we need to be doing. So far we have done work on food pyramids and we are now beginning to make a project on Healthy Eating. It is very interesting finding out something new about it everyday.


The grade 5/6 and 3/4 netball teams have started back again with the help of our coaches Mrs E and Mr M. The grade 3/4s have only played a few games and are already doing so well. For the grade 5/6s, we are doing a great job too. Everyone has come so far, both 3/4s and 5/6s.


5/6's 15 to 6 in our favour.

3/4's 5 to 4 in the favour.


The grade 5/6s are all going to camp on the 4th of May, to Swan Hill. We are going to travel by train and we have lots of fun activities planned. We can't wait!

Crazy Hair Day

On the 12th of March, We had a crazy hair day at school. We all had to bring a gold coin donation for the Leukaemia Foundation. Mr M and Mr M both shaved their heads in favour to the Leukaemia Foundation.




Healthy Food

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